Product Number: 20013

UPC Number: 839290002650

Powerful Cree 3W Tactical Flashlight

This Powerful Cree 3W Tactical Flashlight illuminates even the darkest of areas with a 3 watt Cree LED providing 110 Lumens of lighting. The integrated 4500mAh Powerbank is ideal for charging iPhones or any portable device. The go to product for camping, hiking, traveling and on the go. It is weather resistant and constructed of rubberized, shock resistant material making it an extremely durable, versatile and a simple way to take your technology with you without worrying about a dead battery or being without a light source.

  • Cree 3Watt LED
  • 110 Lumen, up to 8 hours
  • Water Resistant
  • 4500mAh Power Bank, charges Smartphones & portable devices up to 3 times
  • USB Charging Port

Warranty: 1 year

Items Included

  • 4 in 1 connector included


  • Charging the Flashlight
  • When charging your flashlight, use Mini USB port to connect to USB cable, then connect to any USB power source such as AC adaptor, laptop, or computer to charge device.
  • A red light blinks while charging, it will stop blinking when fully charged.
  • Charging your Electronic Device
  • Plug the large end of the USB cable into the flashlight (output). Then plug the small end of your 4 in 1 cable that fits into your device.
  • The mobile battery automatically begins charging your device and the LED turns blue.

Run Time

  • 8 hours of light

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