Product Number: 40025

UPC Number: 839290004487

55 Watt Solar Kit

55W Solar panel kits allow you to get free energy direct from the sun. Break free from the electric company fees and monthly bills with DIY solar powered electricity and lights.

  • Three 18 watt solar panels
  • Equipped with UV protected plastic frame and built in metal stand
  • Equipped with two 5W/12V LED light bulbs
  • Control box to regulate incoming solar power and deliver power to lights and DC voltage output ports

Warranty: 5 year power generation on solar panels/1 year on all accessories


  • Lightweight, weatherproof construction.
  • Three 18 watt solar panel produce clean, quiet energy independent of the electrical company.
  • Amorphous silicon solar cells for maximum output in both bright and cloudy conditions .
  • Voltage regulator has easy-to-read LED display.
  • Not reliant on the power grid, ideal for remote locations and backup power.

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