Product Number: 56710

UPC Number: 839290005545

100 Watt Semi Flex Solar Panel

Wafer thin, lightweight, and can mold to a curved surface. These Semi-Flexible Solar Panels are made of the high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells and strong enough to be walked on. Semi-flexible panels are weather, water and corrosion resistant making them a perfect option for marine applications. These panels can continuously recharge your 12-Volt batteries with the power of the sun. Light enough to mount on a window with suction cups, and durable enough to mount permanently outdoors on a range of vehicles.

Various options for solar cells available.

  • Ultra light material is paper thinUltra light material is paper thin
  • Flexes up to 20° to curve and mold to any roof
  • Low profile design
  • Up to 5.8A /100W
  • Charges 12V batteries from sunlight
  • Permanent installation can be made without drill holes
  • Temporary installation with included suction cups

Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty

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